Cat Chattering – Funny Cat Video – Red Laser

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You’ve got to see and hear this crazy cat’s chattering sound! Our cat Lady Stedman is doing a meow we’d never quite heard before. Turns out, she’s super frustrated. She really, really wanted to catch that red laser and just does not like it when it’s on the ceiling. She’s like a Cat Dino with that funny chatter and she does it every time the red laser is on the ceiling.

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LMFAO my cat does this.

Maya H says:

Your cat is calling for the lightdot :) It’s a known behavior amongst flies
and shit. They are trying to lure them to get down :)

Kenneth Sundby says:

lift her up then!!

Arqideus1988 says:

It isn’t a meow. It’s a thing that indoor cats do when they know they can’t
get whatever they’re looking at. You’ll see them do it when they are
looking at birds fly outside, for instance.

Maya H says:

Also, my cat does this all the time :)

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