FUNNY!! Cat watches TV – (Charmed)

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This cat really gets into TV
This is Pyewacket, he watches TV
This is his first Charmed Episode complete with his first Demon Vanquish. Watch him because he gets into it.

Alyssa Milano
San Fransisco

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ICOboeHockey says:

Siamese cats are like tribbles from Star Trek. They are very perceptive

supersoni26 says:

Love Charmed and love cats=WIN!!!

redheadnep says:

Siamese cats are so smart …

emeraldsunsets says:

Lol he wasn’t interested in the show, he was just waiting to see the
beautiful siamese about to tip over the potion jars in the intro!

ThatChickInTheCorner says:

He’s like “WOAH, GET EM! Yeah, GO PHOEBE!” lol so cute!

webefarmin says:

Lol TY Tori, I had to keep from Laughing at him while I was shooting. 😀

charmefree says:

haha it really watching the show haha its soo funny

webefarmin says:

yeh he got in to that vanquish even leaned in when Phoebe was yelling for
help LOL

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